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 Hello again...a few years has passed since i wrote my first thoughts page...and still we seek "Freedom of Choice" in our lifes. It's sad that it takes being arrested for us to speak up against the WOD, but this seems to be exactly what happens....its the fear the system has doused our lifes with... fear of losing your job, fear of arrest, fear of losing your home and car, fear of losing your children, fear of community disgrace because of public propaganda. So it seems easier to continue to use marijuana in seclusion, within your circle of trusted friends...
The truth is, we are many and the longer we resist the fight, the longer the struggle will go on.
We all know the pros and cons with any issue, but all we seek is the right to make choices in our own lifes, with our own bodies, within our own lifetime. This is our born to us rights, one we should not take so lightly, one our founding fathers fought for, and one this country was founded on.
  Marijuana smokers are not an elite group, we include all races and positions in life. Clinton tried but did not inhale or so he says...many people use marijuana on a regualr basis, from doctors to lawyers to the working class man, women and men of all races and religions. Its used for recreation, medicine as well as in cooking. Hemp is used to make durable clothing, rope, paper and has so many useful purposes...ones that could indeed help this planet that we all occupy.
When we compare it next to legal substances like alcohol and tobacco...knowing the effects of these, i would choose marijuana as far safer. Its a fact....
 What can we do now? Its obvious that the politics in Washington run this country.
 Its time to let them know we have had enough. Its time for the politics in Washington to change or for the politicians to find other employment. Register to vote, let them know where you stand in this issue...