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my thoughts
vote for your rights to 
freedom of choices


Ahhh the world we all live in...government control over our choices we were born to make ourselves. Choices about our lifestyles and our bodies. When will America wake up ? Will it be, when it's too late ? Will history repeat itself and a revolution begin ? We are the most intelligent of species on this planet, yet we are not allowed to make our own choices in our lifes... It's true, not all people will make wise decisions concerning their lifes, but do you actually believe government control will enable them to make good choices ? And what is considered a good choice ? A decision the government forces on you ? That's control...Our fore-fathers came here to be free...have we all forgotten our history ? Certainly we need some order in our society...but is it not possible the government has gone too far ?


Look at cigarettes for an example...we can smoke them, and they ARE addicting and extremely hazardous to our health. But theres money to be made there, and the government gets their share. This is what the governments priority is, MONEY... NOT YOU, NOR YOUR HEALTH. Then there is's NOT physically why is it illegal ? The government can't control it like tobacco... because you can grow it in your home or yard... and they know you will...which equals less money for them. But with marijuana being illegal, the government makes out like a bandit...and thats exactly what they are, thieves in the night...taking peoples money, homes, land, cars, trucks, boats and all else they can get their hands on. Seperating families, taking your children. If that isn't enough for them... they put you in jail with violent criminals and call you a felon too...they take control of your life, overseeing all you do with probation...and then they want you to PAY THEM TO DO THIS... with a monthly probation fee, so you hope you can keep your employment... after they tell your employer of your probation status...all this over marijuana, ~a natural herb~.You ever notice all the health stores are now selling natural herbs ...and that people are preferring organic and more natural these days...even grocery stores have a line of natural vitimins & herbs...people want natural, its much more healthier for your body...

Marijuana has medicinal purposes... and who on this planet would refuse another human being something that would make them feel better and make them more comfortable, or make their illness more tolerable...NOT I...nor should anyone or any government deprive these people of a medicine that is helping them. This in itself is truly outrageous. Wake up people!!! Remember why our fore-fathers came here in the first place...TO BE make personnal choices in their that to much to ask or expect ? The average american believes all the propaganda the government feeds them on a daily basis...YOU are a puppet on a string...NOT ME!!!

Don'tBuy Government Lies fact is we all live...we all die... and we all have only so many years here on this planet...are you going to sit back and spend those years allowing your government to take one by one your constitutional rights and enjoyments in your only lifetime here? Stop it now !! It's our country and it was founded "FOR THE PEOPLE" for "FREEDOM". We are many, do not be afraid to SPEAK up...VOTE...CHANGE the politic's in Washington...remember what LIBERTY IS AND WAS...

"The federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens"


"The more taboos and inhibitions there are in theworld,
the poorer the people become... the more articulate the laws and ordinances, the more robbers and thieves arise"
Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
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